Our Founder


Jeff Molby was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Detroit. His father, a very successful self-employed blue-collar worker, instilled a strong work ethic in him that resulted in a deep-seeded desire to take charge of his career. Jeff has a strong sense of family with close relationships to extended family, which includes more than a half-dozen teachers and many accomplished business people.

With love and support from his family, Jeff gained the confidence and courage to follow dreams he formed very early on. The age of seven marked his first attempt to write software. The resulting program would have been useless even if it had worked, but the attempt itself shed light on his passion to create. He went on to take every computer or business class his schools offered and enrolled in community college night classes before graduating high school.


With the extra classes and love of computers, you can probably already picture Jeff as being quite the "geek." He proudly accepts this label, but the truth is that he's not really a "geek's geek." Most of his childhood revolved around playing sports and this enthusiasm is still evident in his love for the Detroit Tigers, which at times borders on ridiculous. After high school, he and his friends took numerous road trips in an attempt to visit every major league baseball stadium. He has crossed about two-thirds off his list and hasn't given up on the rest.


After high school, Jeff attended Oakland University's school of business, where he was offered and accepted a position at a privately owned software development company that focused on writing accounting software. His day-to-day responsibilities gave him the chance to experience real world situations of accounting and software development cycles at the same time. It wasn't long before he was reporting directly to the owner of the company, who also mentored him in matters of business. This close relationship was critical in teaching Jeff how to run a business in an ethical and forthright manner.


Jeff is guided by a fervent belief in personal power, personal responsibility, and personal relationships. He believes that individuals, with support from loved ones, are capable of deciding the course of their lives. His strong love and respect for people, as well as the joy of fatherhood, provides balance against his workaholic tendencies.