Our History


In the days after Christmas 2000, Jeff Molby was approached by his aunt about her school's lunch problem. Simply put, they collected a large number of orders each month and wanted to take advantage of the incredible advances in technology to find a way to streamline the ordering process. She had already spent the better part of the school year looking for solutions to no avail. While virtual shopping carts were a dime-a-dozen by then, none came close to addressing the specific needs of a school lunch program. By the end of January, Jeff had formed Lunch Works to tackle the problem.


The initial version of Lunch Works was very well received by parents and administrators alike, but we knew we could do even better. Over the next 12 months, Jeff and his dedicated staff worked hard to take Lunch Works beyond its original goals by migrating to Microsoft's cutting-edge .Net Framework and adding features to help with things like field trips, fund raisers, and inventory.


But, by the winter of 2003, we had come to the realization that our target market simply wasn't ready for our service. We didn't close our doors; we continued to provide top-notch service to our customers and processed many thousands of transactions per year. But we did suspend our marketing and development efforts for the time being.


In spring 2006 we began to receive frequent inquiries about Lunch Works, despite a virtually non-existent marketing presence. That was exactly the sign we were waiting for. Now we know the time is right. We're ready to spread the word and provide schools and families with the necessary tools to simplify lunch.